All the materials  used are sourced secondhand or gifted to me.  Those "orphaned" balls of wool, cones of sewing threads, raw fleece, fabric cut into strips, and the short pieces of yarn destined for the bin, find a new purpose within my weaving. It takes time to prepare but is very satsfying to use others' discards. 


I weave the cloth on a 2 shaft Saori loom. Every design is unique and cannot be replicated. I first have to create a warp, the framework for the weaving, from the yarns I have on hand. Then, the fun of weaving using a mix of different fibres, thicknesses and textures to create a unique weave. It is very meditative to sit at the loom and get lost in my own thoughts...


Just as the weaving is freeform, so too is the design of the garment. I try to use all of the weaving within the garment and have minimal wastage. I will adapt standard sewing patterns eg. a neckline from this pattern and a sleeve/armhole from another. The fabric usually dictates the type of clothing it trasforms into.


I use both hand and machine sewing to complete the garments. Prior to cutting the cloth I sew 2 seams and cut in between to prevent it unravelling. I adjust, redesign and add embellishments depending on the garment. Buttons, zips, elastic and stiffener are all sourced secondhand. I am proud of every garment I make.


All of my products are for sale! 

I attend 3 local craft markets each month: 
Castlemaine Artists Market, Maldon and Creswick, all in Central Victoria.


It is difficult to create an exact copy, but if you see something you like, send me a message and we can put through a commission work!

Tel. 0476 938 360 Email: Location: Maryborough, Victoria, Australia

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